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American French Onion Soup Recipe – How to Make Onion Soup

Learn how to make an American French Onion Soup Recipe! – Visit… for the ingredients, and over 700 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this American French Onion Soup Recipe!


Saffron Cookies | Eggless Cookie Recipe

Learn how to make Saffron Cookies, a quick eggless cake recipe by Anushruti only on Rajshri Food!

Saffron cookies is a divine recipe which indulges you in the heavenly taste of Saffron along with the blend of pistachios and mezzaluna. It’s one such cookie recipe which adds the exotic spices, the crunchiness and the melt in the mouth texture. A perfect recipe which you can make during festive season or any special occassions or even if you feel like munching something sweet. So watch the video and learn how to make Eggless Saffron Cookies.

Ingredients: (Makes 40 cookies)

1/4 tsp saffron
2 tsp milk, warmed to dissolve the saffron
6 cardamom pods
1/4 nutmeg
20 pistachios, crushed or coarsely chopped
200 gm (1 1/2 cups) flour
100 gm (1/2 cup + 2tbsp) castor sugar
100 gm (1/2 cup) ghee
A few drops of milk to bind the dough if required

– Place the saffron with the warm milk in a mortar pestle.
– In a mortar and pestle or coffee mill, grind the cardamom seeds and nutmeg to a fine powder and keep aside.
– Chop the pistachios into small pieces. A mezzaluna is great for this purpose!
– Crush the saffron into a smooth paste using the mortar and pestle.
– In a large bowl or in the bowl of a stand mixer, mix the ghee and the sugar together. Put in the saffron mixture, cardamom and nutmeg powder and blend well.
– Put in the flour and form into a dough. If the flour refuses to co operate, add a few more drops of milk, just enough for the dough to come together and form into a dough.
– Preheat your oven to 350 F
– Divide the dough into two halves and on a clean surface roll half of the dough into 6” circle. Sprinkle half of the pistachios over it and lightly roll with a rolling pin.
– Using a cookie cutter of your choice cut into cookies. Assemble the remaining dough, roll again and cut. Repeat until you have no dough remaining.
– Repeat the above step for the remaining half of the dough.
– Place the cookies on a tray lined with butter paper and bake for 15 minutes.
– Cool completely and store in an air tight container.
Note : Try replacing the plain flour with whole wheat flour if you are making it for toddlers or if you would like to do so! The only difference would be that the saffron flavour would not be as distinct!

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Black Forest In A Jar | Dessert Recipe | Beat Batter Bake

Learn how to make Black Forest in a Jar, a mouth watering dessert recipe with Priyanka.

‘Sinfully Sweet’ this two words describe our recipe of mouth watering, delightful and heavenly Black Forest in a Jar! Black Forest in a jar consists of several layers of chocolate fillings, with whipped cream, cherry pie filling and everyone’s favorite Brownie! So all you got to do is get a jar and indulge yourself with the sweetest and the yummiest Black Forest treat.

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Mini Veg Sliders | Easy To Make Tasty Snack Recipe | Ruchi’s Kitchen

Learn how to make Mini Veg Sliders, a delicious and irresistible snack recipe by Ruchi Bharani.

‘Happiness comes in small packages,’ if you believe so, then you would totally love these delicious and yummy mini veg sliders. With the goodness of Carrot and Zucchini, mini veg sliders will give you a tummy filling experience. So grab on your apron and start making these cute little packages of happiness, we mean the yummylicious Mini Veg Sliders

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