Cocoa Truffles | Quick & Easy Recipe

Learn how to make Cocoa Truffles, a tasty desert recipe by Priyanka.

Chocolates on your mind! Well then you should definitely try the melt-in-your-mouth Cocoa Truffles! This recipe will make you fall in love for chocolates all over again. With our baking queen Priyanka learn how to make Cocoa Truffles in easy and quicker way only on Rajshri food


450ml Melted Chocolate
Warm Cream
Cocoa Powder


– Add 450 ml of melted Chocolate & warm cream and mix them
– Keep the Chocolate ganache in the fridge
– Add the ganache in the piping bag and make the truffles on the tray, once done keep the tray in fridge for few hours
– Pull the truffles and roll them into balls and add them in the cocoa powder

Host: Priyanka Doshi


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