Black Forest In A Jar | Dessert Recipe | Beat Batter Bake

Learn how to make Black Forest in a Jar, a mouth watering dessert recipe with Priyanka.

‘Sinfully Sweet’ this two words describe our recipe of mouth watering, delightful and heavenly Black Forest in a Jar! Black Forest in a jar consists of several layers of chocolate fillings, with whipped cream, cherry pie filling and everyone’s favorite Brownie! So all you got to do is get a jar and indulge yourself with the sweetest and the yummiest Black Forest treat.

Click on the continue reading link for the ingredients.


– Brownie Recipe
– Whipped Cream
– Cherry Pie Filling
– Chocolate Filling


– Cut the brownie base in small pieces.
– Put the pieces at the bottom of the jar
– Add couple of tsp of cherry pie filling
– Add cream on top
– Continue with the steps above until the jar is full


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